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  • Shortcakes
  • Shortcakes
  • Shortcakes

  • Hi Tech Cowboy
  • Hi Tech Cowboy
  • Hi Tech Cowboy
  • Hi Tech Cowboy
  • Hi Tech Cowboy
  • Hi Tech Cowboy

#599911 (Loud Leopard)

2001 - 2008 15.2 Black Leopard ApHC Stallion
Homozygous for the *black gene
Hypp N/N
[ Dreamfinder x Impress A Cowboy] ApHCC - Honors
- 2002 Canadian National Halter Champion
- 2002 Canadian National Most Colorful at Halter Champion ApHC - Honors
- Register of Merit (ROM) Awarded in Open Halter Stallions
- Register of Merit (ROM) Awarded in Non-Pro Halter Stallions
- Register of Merit (ROM) Awarded in Most Colorful at Halter
- Multiple World & National Top 5 Finishes
- 2001 - World Show - 3rd Open Weanlings
- 2001 - World Show - 5th Non-Pro Weanlings
- 2001 - World Show - 4th Most Colorful
- 2002 - World Top 10 Open Halter & Most Colorful at Halter
- 2006 - National Top 5 Open & Non-Pro Aged Stallions
- 2006 - National Top 5 Open & Non-Pro Aged Stallions
- 2006 - 4th at World Non-Pro Aged Stallions
- 2006 - 5th at World Open Aged Stallions

  • Corporate Sweet Pea
  • Corporate Sweet Pea

#592673 (Few Spot Mare)


Photos courtesy of Dorthy Rozell


This fewspot filly was purchased as a weanling from Liberty Acres, Thank You Dorthy Rozell! Back in the good ole days I dreamed of Impress A Cowboy, this mare was an exceptionally good mare with leopard coloring. Then not having enough funds to breed to Cowboy Justice I had a good mare Kid that I wanted to breed finally to Hi Tech Cowboy, an exceptionally nice leopard stud, but that breeding never happened, as owners lost him. I had remembered seeing Corporate Sweet Pea in foal to Hi Tech Cowboy, and had always wondered what kind of coloring this foal would be out of this mating, I caught a glimps of this filly in an ad for sale, and remembered the names and just had to have her, She is everthing thing and more. Can't wait to watch her grow up. The disposition of this mare is very affectionate, always wants to please and be loved upon...So moral of the story is, I have all the horses I have admired all these years in this filly Shortcakes.

Some Leopards in her pedigree include: Hi Tech Cowboy, Impress A Cowboy(Mare), Cowboy Justice, Nugget Jim, Spotted Jim, Starbuck Leopard


The Executive
Bright Eyes Brother
Red Eagles Peacock
Might Bright


King Leo
Three Bars Okalahoma Star
Joe Reed ll Joe Hancock
Traveler Top Deck
Skipper W Grey Badger II
Old Sorrel Sugar Bars
Peter McCue